How to get a fire protection certificate?

In the Republic of Serbia, the Law on Fire Protection stipulates that every person employed in fire protection has the obligation to attend special training and take the Professional Exam in this field. The candidate has a period of one year from the moment he / she establishes an employment relationship, ie. from the moment he is assigned to the fire protection job to pass this exam. These people can also attend special courses and additional trainings that will help them pass it more easily. The manner of preparation and taking the exam is covered by the provisions of the Rulebook on special training and taking the professional exam in the field of fire protection (“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 92/2010, 11/2011, 16/2018 and 25/2018 – corr. )

What does the training for taking exams in the field of fire protection consist of?

This training is defined by the Rulebook as special training and consists of three parts: general, specialist and practical. Special training can be performed by legal entities under certain conditions and in agreement with the Ministry of Interior, or only the Ministry of Interior can organize this training for its members. Legal entities are obliged to announce the exact start and end dates of the training.

Teaching in all subjects is mandatory and is conducted according to the curriculum. First, classes in general work are held, followed by classes in specialist work, while the practical part of the training is attended only by persons with secondary education. The general part of the training is the same for all candidates and consists of the following subjects:

Normative regulation of fire protection;
Hazardous substances, fire and explosion.

The specialist part of this training is different for people who have acquired higher or secondary education. The first group will deal with subjects such as Preventive Fire Protection, Fire Extinguishers, Stable Fire Protection Systems, Firefighting Devices and Equipment and Fire Extinguishing Tactics, while those with secondary education listen to all subjects except Stable Fire Protection Systems. In the event that a student acquires higher or higher education and moves to another job after passing the professional exam, he must pass the professional exam according to the program for persons with higher education within two months.

The practical part of the training comes at the end, it is attended only by persons who perform work in the field of fire protection with high school, and includes work with firefighting equipment, protective equipment, work in fire brigades, etc.

Professional examination

Taking the professional exam is done before the Commission appointed by the Minister of the Interior. The commission has a term of four years. After the completion of the training, the dates for taking the Professional Exam are scheduled within 30 to 60 days, so that the legal entity that has completed the training submits an appropriate request to the local unit of the Ministry of Interior. Candidates for taking the Professional Exam are also registered through legal entities.

The application for taking the exam should contain:

Name, name of one of the parents and surname of the candidate;
Date and place of birth;
Permanent residence;
Degree and type of education;
Name of the employer with whom the candidate is employed, years of experience and type of work performed;
The type of exam for which you are applying and the date of the exam deadline.

The application is accompanied by a birth certificate, a certified copy or transcript of the diploma, a certificate from the employer on the candidate’s work experience, as well as a certificate from the legal entity on the completed training. If the student is not employed, he / she should state the jobs for which he / she wants to take the Professional Exam. Knowledge of each subject is assessed separately. If the student does not show enough knowledge from three or more subjects, or from the subject he / she takes again, he / she will not pass the exam.

The costs of taking the Professional Exam are borne either by the student himself or by the employer who sent the employee to take the exam, and are paid to the account of the legal entity that organized the special training.

What does the Certificate of passing the professional exam look like?

If the student passes the Professional Exam, he will receive a Certificate of passing the professional exam for a certain category for which he took. The certificate also contains:

Name of the Ministry;
Regulation on the basis of which the certificate is issued;
Name of the student, name of one of the parents, surname, personal identification number and place of birth;
The number under which the student is registered;
Date of issue of the certificate;
Signatures of the President of the Commission and the Minister;
Seal of the Ministry.

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