Everything companies need to know about waste management

Adequate organization of waste management protects you not only from fines, but also from contributions in the fight to preserve the environment of all of us. Sometimes it seems that small and medium enterprises are not sufficiently informed about the mentioned area and its processes, and that is exactly what we want to change.



The current Law on Waste Management obliges every company that produces hazardous and non-hazardous waste to report it to the competent waste management entities. Waste is classified according to the composition and concentration of hazardous substances, so the one that does not have them is not dangerous, and the one that contains a large percentage of them is dangerous (for example, dangerous pharmaceutical or medical waste). Depending on the characteristics of the waste, its disposal is further planned and realized. 



The entire waste management process is the responsibility of the waste management person you designate as the waste producer, while the facility, location and all waste management documentation must be available for inspection and inspection by the competent inspection authorities. That is why it is important to leave complex tasks in this area to a company of trust and quality.



Responsibilities and obligations of the Person responsible for waste management



One of the primary documents that your company manages when it comes to waste is the Waste Management Plan. As the name suggests, the meaning of this group of documents contained in the plan should provide us with clear information. Statistics on the amount of waste generated, as well as proposed and taken measures to reduce this production are items that fall under this document. In addition, the procedures and methods of sorting different types of waste are indicated, as well as all measures of protection against fire, explosion and, of course, the environment.



Given that the goal of such a plan is to create conditions in which waste does not endanger the environment and human health, in recent years, most work has been done to tighten the law in this area. Accordingly, you are obliged to make sure that this plan always exists and operates in accordance with current laws, ie that all changes to it are integrated in a timely manner. For the development of a waste management plan, but also for the modification of the existing one, contact the expert team of the “Belgrade” Protection.



The obligation of the competent person in this area is to continuously propose measures for prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse of waste in order to protect the environment, but also to monitor the implementation of legal regulations and collect written records necessary for further consideration.

Professional record keeping and reporting – the way to legal and regulated waste management


What you present as proof that you are guided by the established principles are just written records that follow the entire path of production, transport and disposal of waste, so it is very important that their management be as good and organized as possible.


Daily records on the company’s waste are kept on a regular basis and are part of the regular annual report which is presented to the Environmental Protection Agency. All information on the type, category, origin and amount of waste must be clearly indicated, including secondary raw materials placed on the market.


Records on storage and reuse contain information on the specific location of storage, as well as on whether and what amount of waste has been disposed of for recycling, ie prepared for further transport. The storage location can be temporary (the place where the waste is stored for collection), the plant where the storage is performed, sorted and prepared for further transport, as well as the recycling plant where the waste is prepared for the necessary treatment.



Records on waste transport is a task performed by a person registered to perform these activities.



Records (documents) on the movement of waste are necessary for all types of waste, except for those generated from the household. It contains all the information on waste and is especially important because it must be kept for at least 2 years from completion, and it is the link between the producer and the operator (waste disposer), as well as the competent authorities.


As you can see, Daily Waste Management Activities are a set of necessary and comprehensive documentation that needs to be carefully and professionally compiled. If your company requires such assistance, Protection “Belgrade” has all the necessary knowledge and experience that can contribute to the organization of registration at the highest level.



What does INSPECTION in waste management look like?



This is probably what interests every owner, ie the director of the company, because he is the responsible person when the competent inspectors first refer. Keep in mind that these inspections can be regular, but also extraordinary. So let’s summarize what documents are needed to successfully complete this process.


In addition to visiting the site for the purpose of visually meeting the standards, it is determined who is the authorized and responsible person for waste management, which each company must determine independently. Then, attention is focused on the document on the movement of waste, whose role and importance we have already mentioned, and you provide a certified copy of the document where it is clear to whom, when and how much waste you handed over to the operator. Next in line is the daily record.



Do you remember the annual reports that are given to the Agency? It is your obligation to have this document and proof that it has been submitted within the prescribed period. A waste management plan is also necessary, as is all information on how to separate and store waste. The place of storage is marked with an inscription that corresponds to the type of waste, while in a special waste catalog there are codes that will correspond to the waste that your company produces. You also present the contract with the operators who are in charge and legally authorized for waste management.



If you have all the above documents that contain true calculations and claims, you have no reason to worry. The role of the inspector is also to show you how to solve the existing problems, but you must keep in mind that doing business in accordance with the law is your primary obligation and that violating them can reach millions.


To prevent that from happening, as well as to prepare your company for the “green” way of doing business, contact the Belgrade Protection today. We perform all planning, organization and professional recording services (except transport) related to waste, and therefore with us you can be sure that any inspection will pass without stress, sanctions and objections.



In addition, you will directly contribute to the preservation of a healthy and safe environment, which is our primary goal since the founding of the society back in 1964. So do not hesitate to contact us today, and we will provide you with all the desired information and absolute attention.