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Environmental Protection in Serbia

The environmental protection in the Republic of Serbia is provided by law that guarantees the human right to development and life in a healthy environment, as well as a balanced relationship between industrial development and the environment. Although Serbia has a pretty well-regulated legal framework regarding environmental protection, the application of legislation is still not consistent enough.

However, the change in the political climate in this part of Europe that happened over the last two decades has significantly affected the perception of the importance of environmental protection. Today, it also has strategic importance for Serbia given the considerable number of current capital investments for the preservation of protected natural goods in our country.

Of course, we cannot help but mention the ongoing European integration process and its considerable impact on this area, since all members of the European Union request that every future member accepts its acquis communautaire.

On the other hand, if we take a quick look at what has been achieved so far, we will notice the gap between European standards and what we have done, regardless of the fact there have been significant advances, too.

Environmental Protection Is a Complex Area

When we talk about environmental protection, we are talking about numerous laws, measures, conditions, and instruments that are bound not only to protect the natural balance and deal with different forms of pollution but also to nurture diversity and quality of the environment, by preventing and decreasing the pollution. And all these challenges are quite demanding.

That is why we must explain some basic concepts regarding environmental protection first.

What Is The Environment?

To better understand everything regarding environmental protection, we must first define it. Even though the very first thought that comes to mind upon mention of it is our immediate surroundings, we must stress that it includes both natural and artificial creations and conditions, whose complex mutual interactions create space and conditions for life in general.

Simply put, the environment consists of natural elements such as water, air, soil, plants and animals, climate, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, vibrations, noise but also some typical human creations such as settlements, different objects, and infrastructure. The complexity of mutual relationships between elements of the environment imposes the need for measuring its quality by following different physical, chemical, biological, and other indicators.

Who Are The Subjects Of The Environmental Protection System?

Everyone is obliged to improve the environmental protection system, starting with the Republic of Serbia, its autonomous provinces, local government units, and natural and legal persons that by performing economic or other activities use natural resources and can endanger and pollute the environment in different ways.

The subjects to environmental protection systems are also scientific and other organizations, as well as individuals and groups of citizens. Everyone is responsible for the activity that changes or can change the current conditions in the environment, and for refraining from using measures that can protect the environment.

Responsibilities Of Legal Persons Regarding Environmental Protection

In Serbia, there are many laws, by-laws, and ratified international conventions and protocols that regulate this area. In short, both legal persons and individuals are obliged to follow and apply regulations regarding environmental protection, respect the sustainability principle while using natural resources, goods, and energy; to use energy efficient technology, and opt for renewable resources whenever possible. This particularly applies to huge polluters in our country such as oil refineries, power plants, and other energetic facilities, chemical industry, metalwork companies, cement plants, mines, and the food industry.

Legal persons must use processes, technologies, and practices that are better for the environment, take necessary precautions and clear the consequences of harming the environment if necessary. Also, they must provide proper evidence about using resources and energies, and classify the pollutants they released according to their features and amounts. These and other significant data must be delivered to the local authorities. Finally, they must track down the activities and control the functioning of their facilities that can pose threat or be harmful to the environment and human health.

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