Categories of employees who are entitled to benefited length of service in Serbia

According to the Republic Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance, employees from at least ten categories have the right to benefited work experience in Serbia, and that number is significantly higher.

Beneficial length of service implies payment of increased contributions for FPD, earlier retirement, and thus longer use of pension in relation to the average pensioner. However, only persons who work in jobs that are extremely difficult and dangerous to health have the right to benefited work experience, regardless of the fact that all possible safety measures at work have been applied.

Beneficial work experience is also achieved by persons who work in places where the performance of activities is conditioned by the years of life, ie where due to the nature and severity of work, physiological functions decline and it is simply impossible to continue successful activities.

 How are FPD contributions paid?

The weight of the job itself, as well as the harmfulness and danger to health, are in direct correlation with the coefficient of increasing the length of insurance. Thus, a year can be counted as 14, 15, 16 or 18 months, and the employer is obliged to pay somewhat increased contributions for PIO:

  • For jobs where 12 months are effectively spent as 14 months, an additional 3.7% of the FPD contribution is paid.
  • For jobs where 12 months are effectively spent as 15 months, an additional 5.5% of the DPD contribution is paid.
  • For jobs where 12 months are effectively spent as 16 months, an additional 7.3% of the FPD contribution is paid.
  • For jobs where 12 months are effectively spent as 18 months, an additional 11% of the FPD contribution is paid.

Also, the length of service is calculated with an increased duration only under the condition that the person has worked for at least ten years (in order to exercise the right to an old-age pension), ie five years if a disability has been determined. It should also be borne in mind that only time spent effectively at work is benefited.


Also, the right to benefited length of service is not only for employees to whom the employer pays contributions, but also for those who pay it themselves, but under the condition that it is determined that they actually performed difficult and dangerous jobs covered by the legal framework.


Which occupations can qualify for a benefited length of service?

Beneficial work experience usually follows employees in the above activities and at certain institutions, and according to some current estimates, there are about 180,000 of them. Those are:

  • Army employees
  • Police employees
  • Employees in the mines
  • Employees in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Employees in oil production and refining
  • Employees in the chemical industry
  • Employees in dedicated production
  • Employees in the rubber industry
  • Employees in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Employees in electricity generation


This includes jobs in certain state entities, covered by special regulations that determine jobs with beneficial work experience, such as:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Security Information Agency
  • Military Security Agency
  • Military Intelligence Agency
  • Directorate for Execution of Criminal Sanctions
  • Tax police
  • The Army of Serbia

Judges, prosecutors and deputy prosecutors deployed in war crimes and organized crime prosecutor’s offices


How is the benefited length of service calculated?

There are general conditions for retirement and more favorable conditions for retirement. Also, there is a general calculation of pensions and a more favorable calculation that is applicable only to certain categories of insured persons.


The retirement age is lowered in relation to the degree of increase in length of service, and the obligation of the insured is to spend at least two thirds of the total length of service in the benefited jobs.

A more favorable calculation of pensions is made according to the completed length of service and earnings starting from January 1, 1996 (for other insured persons it is January 1, 1970), whereby the amount thus obtained is increased by 20%, if he is at least 55 years old and 24 years old. length of service.


Zaštita Beograd has experience with the issue of these jobs

Since we are an authorized professional organization by the Republic Pension and Disability Insurance Fund and we are thoroughly acquainted with the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance (Službeni Glasnik of RS, No. 34/03,… 142/14) as well as the Rulebook on jobs on which the length of insurance is calculated with increased duration (Službeni glasnik of RS, No. 105/03,… 22/13), we are proud to offer the following services:

Preparation of expert analyzes and minutes on jobs where the length of insurance is calculated with increased duration with the Employer;

Prepared professional documentation in the procedure of audit of determined jobs where the length of insurance is calculated with increased duration;

Preparation of other professional documentation on jobs where the length of insurance is calculated with increased duration.

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