Non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing by ultrasonic method and ultrasonic thickness measurement

Significant advances in the field of electronics, physics and other sciences have led to the emergence of various testing methods using materials embedded in buildings without the need for sampling or destruction. In this way, the physical properties of metallic materials and their possible internal defects are successfully determined. According to the European standard SRPS EN 14127: 2016, we perform non-destructive testing, ie non-destructive testing, with the ultrasonic method, and we have accreditation for testing material thicknesses up to 60 mm.

What is being examined?

Metallic materials, ultrasonic measurement of the remaining thickness of the material.

Benefits of non-destructive methods

Apart from the first and most obvious – the preservation of the whole element that we are examining, this assessment does not require much time. In addition, this method allows measurements at a large number of places (points), as well as their repeated use. At each available point of construction, the properties of the material can be precisely determined with the help of adequate modern equipment that our team has.

Certified material testing by Ultrasound

Ultrasonic vibrations have the same nature as sound, but their frequencies are so high that the human ear cannot hear them. This sophisticated method enables the penetration of a directed beam through a material on the basis of whose behavior its internal state is determined.


Each of our technicians is trained to work on ultrasonic equipment, and as the instruments are updated, their improvement never stops. The test is performed using probes through which ultrasonic energy is emitted into the test object. The screen then shows the properties of the material we are analyzing and allows our team to compile a final test report.

Field test report and consultations

The composition of the report consists mainly of numerical parameters. The team of technicians responsible for non-destructive testing is obliged to interpret the report for you. Our goal is for the client to fully understand the data obtained in order to act correctly in the future, which is why we are available for any clarifications. After the end of the examination, you can count on consultations with our expert team that is in the field. Zaštita Beograd exists for your safety and because of that, we are always available for you. Do not hesitate to contact us today for any additional information.

Is a certificate issued?

After the procedures have been carried out, test reports are issued.

Non-destructive testing

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