Checking HV insulation equipment

Zaštita Beograd performs all inspections and checks of electrical insulating HV equipment in accordance with:

Zaštita Beograd sve preglede i provere elektroizolacione VN opreme vrši u skladu sa:

  • – Law on Safety and Occupational Health (“Službeni glasnik of RS” No. 101/2005, 91/2015 and 113/2017 – other law);
  • – Rulebook on the procedure of inspection and verification of equipment for work and testing of working environment conditions (“Službeni glasnik of RS” No. 94/2006, 108/06, 114/14 and 102/15);
  • – Rulebook on general measures of protection at work from the dangerous effects of electricity in facilities intended for work, work premises and work sites (“Službeni glasnik of RS” No. 21/89);
  • – Serbian standards SRPS EN 60903, SRPS Z.B1.303, SRPS EN 50321, SRPS Z.B1.304, SRPS EN 61111, SRPS EN 61235, SRPS EN 60855, SRPS EN 61243-1.

Periodic inspection of protective high voltage insulation equipment:

Prior to use, gloves made of insulating material must be tested. Periodic testing is performed every 6 months, and our team comes to you or transports the equipment to the company’s premises. Also, we determine the quality and safety of electrical insulating rubber footwear for staff working in electrical plants every 12 months, and we check the equipment in the warehouse every 2 years.


The purpose of installing an electrical insulation mat is to protect people and devices from high voltage breakouts. Our team tests its functionality every 12 months to maintain the safety of your employees and work equipment, while hollow and foam-filled insulating pipes are periodically tested every 24 months.


In addition to the above, we perform inspection and control of manipulative poles, voltage indicators, insulation boards and stands. We perform the test with a test voltage of up to 50 kV, at your location or in the premises of our company.

Expert finding and consultations of the professional team of Zaštita "Beograd":

After checking the HV insulation equipment, we are obliged to provide you with a detailed, precise and clear finding that contains all the information about the characteristics of your equipment. We interpret the results for you, and if necessary, you can consult with our team about everything that interests you. From the beginning, we have been with you with the common goal of making jobs as safe as possible.

Ways of realization:

Periodic testing for a maximum of 12 months (in use) and 24 months (in stock).

  • SRPS EN 61111 Live working – Electrical insulating mat; Periodic examination up to 12 months.
  • SRPS EN 61235 Live working – Hollow insulating pipes for electrical purposes; Periodic examination up to 24 months.
  • SRPS EN 60855 Insulating pipes filled with foam and rods of full cross-section for live work; Periodic examination up to 24 months.
  • SRPS EN 61243-1 Live working – Voltage detectors – Part 1: Capacitive type for voltages above 1 kV alternating current; Periodic examination up to 12 months

After the examination, an expert report is issued

Checking HV insulation equipment

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