Preventive activities in the field of fire protection

The principle of prevention to a safe space with a proven team

It is a legal and ethical obligation of every legal entity to have a regulated fire protection system. The first goal of the prescribed measures is to protect the health and life of people, while preserving the environment and material goods. In recent years, adding regulations and updating regulations has raised awareness of the importance of fire protection, as well as ways to successfully prevent it. Zaštita Beograd is a responsible and authorized fire protection company that performs all preventive activities necessary to keep the anti Fire Protection system stable. Like our clients, we operate in accordance with the Law on Fire Protection (“Službeni glasnik of RS”, No. 111/2009, 20/2015, 87/2018 and 87/2018 – other laws). As the law itself is constantly supplemented and improved, so is our team working diligently on improvement and modernization.

Preventive activities in the field of fire protection

As we have already mentioned, prevention has become an important regulation in the Law on Fire Protection. The goal of prevention is to prevent the outbreak of fires through planning and implementation of measures and actions. If it occurs, the endangerment of human lives and goods should be reduced to a minimum, and the fire should be kept at the place of the outbreak. Each of our employees who is responsible for fire protection, has passed the professional exam in this area, as well as extensive experience in performing these activities.

We provide all the necessary preventive measures for your facility

In the event that your facility is categorized by the Ministry of the Interior as a facility with increased risk or a certain risk, then you are obliged to fulfill the prescribed preventive tasks. Our team develops a complete plan that includes preventive measures, then plans and trains your employees in the field of AFP, organizes their duty and performs all necessary monitoring and control in your facility. Depending on the object and its characteristics, for each prescribed measure, we have an appropriate solution. Schedule a consultation with our team and together we will do everything necessary to protect your facility from fire in the right way.

Preventive activities in the field of fire protection

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