Development of accident and disaster protection plan

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If you belong to the first or second group according to the categorization of fire risk, you are legally obliged to have a developed fire protection plan. This is one of the basic activities of our company in the field of AFP and we are at your disposal for the professional and reliable development of this plan. We are a licensed and authorized company by the competent Ministries, and the rich experience and knowledge we have gained over the years allows us to guarantee every product that bears our signature.

Precise calculations and clear organization in making the plan

The plan must consist of certain established parameters that show the level of preparedness to deal with the disaster. In addition to presenting the current state of fire protection, the plan also contains a threat assessment as well as organizational data on protection.


An important role of our team is to improve technical and organizational measures for fire protection. By eliminating shortcomings and including new methods, we successfully implement standardization and updating of the plan in accordance with current regulations.


For all calculations – financial, graphical and statistical, we have the equipment that results in the most accurate way. After the completion of the development and verification of the plan, it is submitted to the Ministry of the Interior for approval.

The plan is always in line with all new changes

Updating the fire protection plan is just as important as its original design. Any urban, technical or any change that directly affects the fire protection system must be documented and physically implemented in the building itself.


Our team very skilfully detects changes and coordinates the plan with them. That way, you are always confident in the functionality of the AFP system you own. For each addition and change, the procedure remains the same – submission to the Ministry of the Interior for approval.

One contact for all activities related to fire protection

For any additional information, contact us by email or phone. Schedule a consultation with our expert team and provide your company with a professional and credible fire protection plan development service.

Development of accident and disaster protection plan

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