Special systems and measures design

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What does this service mean?

The activities of the company Zaštita Beograd in the field of designing special systems and measures include our two main activities – the field of fire protection and thus, the field of safety and health at work. From the very beginning until today, our main mission is continuous safety, and with the most professional development of these special projects, we contribute to the preservation of the health of all of us, as well as the preservation of the working and living environment.


Every facility in which flammable gases and liquids are produced, processed and stored, as well as any other explosive substances that can lead to fire, must have a plan for the application of special fire protection measures. Our company has the appropriate authorization for the design of special systems and fire protection measures 09/4 number 217-1620 / 19 from 15.11.2019, so fulfill your legal duty and contact us today.


Our services in the field of designing special systems and measures
– Development of projects for stable fire extinguishing systems

– Development of projects of stable fire alarm systems

– Development of projects of stable systems for detection of explosive gases and vapors

– Preparation of analyzes on danger zones and determination of these zones in places endangered by the formation of explosive mixtures of flammable gases, vapors of flammable liquids and explosive dusts and explosive substances

– Design of electrical installations and devices for areas endangered by explosive atmospheres (flammable gases, flammable liquid vapors and explosive dusts) and explosives

– Design of smoke and heat removal systems.


The importance of a high level of expertise for the development of special systems and measures
In addition to stable fire extinguishing systems that are crucial in the fight against the fire, stable fire alarm installations, as well as their design, can save human lives and reduce possible material damage. In addition to automatic and manual detectors and fire detectors, these installations also consist of a series of devices whose correctness and professional design is absolutely necessary.


The design of stable systems for the detection of explosive gases and vapors requires a precise layout and selection of the location of the detector probes. They have the important task of clearly signaling if a concentration of explosive substances occurs.

If a fire occurs, the smoke that develops actually poses the greatest danger to human life and makes it impossible to put out the fire effectively. Building materials used for thermal insulation and the construction of reinforced roofs produce particularly large amounts of smoke during combustion. Therefore, it is not necessary to emphasize the importance of a professionally designed smoke and heat removal system.

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In addition to the legal and moral obligation to dedicate ourselves to each project to the maximum, there are numerous references that prove that we do so. Our qualified and professional team is excellent in making projects of all sizes and requirements, so contact us today, and we will respond as soon as possible and act on the task.

Special systems and measures design

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