Development of disaster risk assessment and protection and rescue plan

Highly qualified team for accurate disaster risk identification

In order to protect people’s lives, as well as the living and working environment, the company Zaštita Beograd performs an expert assessment of the risk of disasters. Any company or legal entity that has facilities operating in the service of health, education, telecommunications, energy and other activities that are of special importance for protection and rescue, must have a disaster risk assessment. Business, trade, sports, catering and all other facilities whose capacity exceeds 100 people have the same legal obligation.


It is already well known that our company operates in accordance with the prescribed laws, so that with our engagement all regulations, standards and norms will be met (Law on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management – “Službeni glasnik of RS”, No. 87 / 2018).

Licensed team for accurate disaster risk identification

After you schedule a consultation and meet our licensed team that goes out on the field in a short time, the identification of the dangers by the protected value follows. It is determined which potential natural or caused disasters pose a threat. These include earthquakes, landslides, erosions, floods, epidemics and pandemics, fires, explosions and more.


This is followed by collecting data from the client about the facility, then touring the field and recording crucial data. The last step before drafting the document includes a special section on possible scenarios, calculations, risk matrices and more. Finally, your document is ready for revision by the competent authorities, and we prepare it in accordance with the Methodology for drafting the required documents.

Protection and rescue plan

This extremely important document contains planned measures and activities for the prevention and mitigation of the consequences of disasters, as well as the organization of actions and engagement in emergency situations in order to save and protect people, material and cultural goods. Like the disaster risk assessment, this plan is updated according to the circumstances and requirements.

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Development of disaster risk assessment and protection and rescue plan

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