Preventive supervision services in the field of environmental protection

From a reactive to a proactive and green business model, our role is of great importance

Preventive supervision in the field of environmental protection means inspection supervision in a given area. It is in this area of ​​regulations, laws, obligations and modalities of improvement from a reactive to a proactive and green business model that our role is of great importance. We are with you for every type of consultation, training and counseling that contributes to training your business to perform the highest quality service.


For many years, our company has been performing various tests and controls in the field of environmental protection, and compliance with existing legislation, as well as monitoring any changes, makes our way of doing business transparent and accessible. If you want your business to take on the same characteristics, and at the same time provide your team with professional training and coaching, you are in the right place.


Environmental protection person, ie consulting service in the same area
The qualified person responsible for this type of service has many years of experience and the necessary expertise in the field. The service includes a complete organization and implementation plan of all measures necessary for legally regulated activities under the LAW ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 135/2004, 36/2009, 36/2009 – other law, 72/2009 – other law, 43/2011 – US decision, 14/2016, 76/2018, 95/2018 – other law and 95/2018 – other law).


In addition to fulfilling legal obligations and harmonizing your business with the given regulations, we monitor the state and protocols of your activities in the field of environmental protection in order to preserve it. To prepare all reports in the field, through the complete organization of all necessary procedures in the field of laboratory analysis or waste management, rely on a team of experts from the Protection of Belgrade.


Cooperation with competent institutions and presence during the first inspections
We are also deserving of the final professional cooperation with the competent institutions in order to obtain the necessary documentation for your future work. Long-term cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which we strengthen from year to year, guarantees our clients that we provide services according to the given regulations.


Also, we are at your disposal for your presence during the inspection. This procedure can be especially stressful for an inexperienced client, so we are here to make everything go as smoothly and easily as possible.


Your Zastita Beograd is there for you even before you start acting in your field. Rely on our rich experience, knowledge and continuous improvement of services, and step into a secure future for your company.


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Preventive supervision services in the field of environmental protection

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