Zaštita Beograd

Recognized as one of the leading companies, while our certificates and licenses for fire protection prove high competence

Activities of our Society

As the branches of the economy and industry changed and grew, so did we expand our activities. Our multifunctional laboratory performs tests of the working environment, water, soil and air, as well as acoustics and pressure equipment.


In the field of safety and health at work, we have been recognized for many years as one of the leading companies, while our certificates and licenses for fire protection prove high competence. Our main activity is also Environmental Protection, where we are gladly elected as a responsible person. The advantage of our company is the wide offer that allows you to entrust all important tasks to one or the same, reliable partner. You are always welcome to send us an invitation or e-mail for a consultation and advice.


From our establiching in 1964 until today, we exist with the aim of providing you with a safer living and working environment. A wide range of our activities has enabled us to do business with a large number of clients from various fields of economy, industry and science.


As we follow world trends and listen carefully to indications for modern solutions, we are here to inform and educate you about our knowledge.


In addition to the legal regulations that you will comply with with our help, we provide insight into ways to reduce pollution and modify the properties of nature that is around us.

Who we are?

Zaštita Beograd is a company that performs activities in the field of safety and health at work, environmental protection and fire protection. With your dedicated work and constant improvement, we have gained the trust of many of you, as evidenced by our page with references, as another proof that you are in the right place.


The team work of our experts, each of which is an accredited and certified expert in their field, has contributed to our analyzes, controls and various drafting of projects and acts being completely precise and undeniably reliable. Our team works on the most modern equipment, starting from sophisticated laboratory machines, to modernized and safe devices for determining various coefficients.


Thanks to the combination of technology and high expertise of our team, we are rewarded with successful and long cooperation with our clients.