Pressure testing of equipment is carried out according to SRPS EN 13445-5:2015, Pressure vessels that are not exposed to flame – Part 5: Control and testing.
Prior to carrying out the test procedure, the pressure equipment must be separated from the compressor, piping and electrical power lines.
When examining, special attention must be paid to the opening at the highest point of the equipment to provide the displacement of the air from the equipment that is filled with water for testing purposes.
After determining the test pressure, the procedure is carried out as follows:
all openings on the pressure equipment are closed, with the exception of the manometer connection holes, the pump hoses and sealing holes
the pressure equipment is filled with a test agent (water)
the check is done to ensure that there is no residual air
the air vent is closed
manometers (test and control) are installed on the pressure equipment
the pressure hose is connected to the hose of the pump from which the air is pre-discharged by the pump (by manual or high pressure pump); the pressure is gradually increased to a value of about 50% of the test pressure and then increased in phases of about 10% to the required test pressure value
the required test pressure is maintained for no less than 30 minutes