Control of electrical and lightning protection installations

We contribute to maintaining undamaged security in your facilities, as well as compliance with legal regulations

For the smooth functioning of the electrical and lightning installation, which is well installed, you first of all need a reliable and professional team to perform certified controls. This contributes to maintaining undamaged security in your facilities, as well as compliance with legal regulations. In addition to new devices that are already in use, regular inspection of the named body is also necessary for those installations that have undergone repairs and certain changes. After each expert inspection, a report on the performed control is issued.

The control body performs control services in the following situations:

  • Controlling low voltage electrical installations
    Pre-commissioning inspection
  • Controlling after repairs and modifications
  • Periodic inspection

Before putting the installation into use, it is necessary to perform the last checks. Our team is at your disposal to check the electrical resistance of the insulation itself, but also the floors and walls. In addition to the inevitable equipotential bonding, as well as checking its additional equalization, we check the efficiency of the protection system by automatically turning off the power. Each of these items can detect any malfunctions that could cause a fire or electric shock in the future.

After each repair or modification, your installation requires a repeated verification process.

Finally, count on us for periodic inspections of low-voltage electrical installations, which are a legal safety measure.


Lightning installation control

  • Pre-commissioning inspection
  • Controlling after repairs or modifications
  • Periodic inspection

In order for the lightning installation to be put into operation, it is necessary to perform expert checks that prove that all its components are technically correct and that they can perform the intended functions without interruption. In addition, its compatibility with the project itself is checked, as well as whether the effect of corrosion is present on any of the elements.


After each repair or change in the installation, it is also necessary to perform an expert inspection. The same procedure is performed after atmospheric discharge into the building.


As always, we go out on the field and perform periodic inspections of lightning protection installations, the interval of which depends on the characteristics of the building and the ground on which it is placed, as well as on the characteristics of the material for making the installation.


Expert report on control and consultations for the improvement of installations

As always, after each analysis, control or verification, you receive an expert report, ie a finding for further consideration by the competent institutions. For each control, we use the most modern equipment which, with its absolute precision, guarantees reliable results. Based on them, our team gives you further instructions.


If complete correctness is determined, we offer you to schedule the next regular inspection, and if the results indicate certain irregularities, only for each advice and consultation. The experience and knowledge we have been building for decades can help you find the right solution.


We work in the service of your security and we are always at your disposal. So contact us today by email or phone, and expect a quick and adequate response.

Control of electrical and lightning protection installations

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