Occupational health

In the field of occupational health we provide a complete service by having all three licenses from the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs, that is, the License for inspection and verification of working equipment, the License for carrying out working environment test and License for conducting security operations and health at work.

In addition to inspection and testing of working equipment, we perform testing of high voltage protective equipment (on the field or in our seat), testing electrical and lightning installations, inspection and testing of explosive protective devices and installations.

All examinations and tests are carried out by professional staff of different expertise, mainly graduated mechanical or electrical engineers, technologists, physicists and chemists, etc.

In addition to drafting normative acts (risk assessment, records, etc.), in the area of occupational safety and health, we carry out various relevant trainings, presentations and provide detailed information as may be required by our customers by preparing them for safe and healthy work, while our Occupational Medicine Department carries out first aid training.