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New testing equipment worth half a million euros

Five years ago, our managerial staff understood the needs of closer cooperation with domestic regulatory bodies on the one hand and with the EU institutions on the other hand in order to provide support in the form of donated equipment from EU accession funds. During 2017, together with close cooperation with the relevant ministries of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and their expert teams, our company provided the first donations from the accession IPA 2013 funds of the European Union in the form of the latest equipment and instruments as part of the project “Procurement of equipment necessary for the improvement of conformity assessment services in the Republic of Serbia”.
The value of the equipment is about half a million euros and we are proud of the fact that we are the only private company that managed to provide this type of support in this project. With the procurement of new equipment and instruments, we have provided fundamental renewal of our resources.
Within the laboratory services of our company, with new sampling equipment, we have expanded possibilities for sampling of pollutants that we could not sample so far, as well as increased our capacity and the possibility of simultaneous sampling and measuring polluting substances in the domain of the environment. It is necessary to emphasize a gas chromatograph with a triple quad mass detector and an auto sampler for liquid samples with 150 sample sites for the analysis of organic pollutants. Sensitivity of the purchased gas chromatograph is 20 times higher than any triple quad detectors of competing manufacturers. A special piece among the purchased instruments is the dual system atomic absorption spectometry that enables very precise and fast work in terms of metal analysis.
Also, among the purchased equipment, there is a brand new measuring line for testing in the field of construction acoustics, which has significantly improved this field of testing.
With the already high level of professional services, the new equipment will provide further increase in the number of existing customers. There are about 600 active business entities we operate with annually, from the smallest trade shops to the largest business systems in the country.