Zaštita Beograd

More than 200 accredited methods and over 5000 tests per year in the fields of water, air, soil testing, acoustic testing, pressure equipment ...

Zaštita Beograd

More than 200 accredited methods and over 5000 tests per year in the fields of water, air, soil testing, acoustic testing, pressure equipment ...

Zaštita Beograd

Više od 200 akreditovanih metoda i preko 5000 ispitivanja godišnje u oblastima ispitivanja vode, vazduha, zemljišta, akustičnih ispitivanja, opreme pod pritiskom...

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About Us

Occupational safety and environmental protection “Belgrade” Ltd. is a company with a long tradition and extensive experience in the field of safety and health at work, environmental protection and fire protection. Since its founding in 1964, the company has a clearly traced business goal – improving safety and health at work and raising the level of safety of employees in the workplace and in the work environment.


By raising the awareness of employers and employees about the importance of this area in all industries and industrial production processes to a higher level, we reduce the possibility of injuries at work and the occurrence of diseases caused by the work environment.

Our Services

Physical and chemical tests of the environment.

Comprehensive qualified staff service.

Many years of experience and extensive activity in the field.

Completely safe with our professional team.

Signature of the accredited and licensed team on your expert report.

How to get to it – all the information in one place.

Supporting companies to sustainable development

With over 200 test methods and state-of-the-art equipment for the analysis of water, soil and air samples, our laboratory is an excellent support in order to protect the environment and provide a cleaner and greener environment for future generations.

How we realize services

Contact us

Schedule a consultation by phone or email and our team will respond as soon as possible.

Receive an action plan

Made exclusively for your company - from the basic goal and activities, to the budget and time frame

We provide a service

Our team goes to the field and performs the assigned duties within the set deadline, and then issues a report

Get a license

For each job performed, you receive a signed and licensed professional report valid for all competent institutions

As we grew, so did our team grow with us.

Zaštita Beograd gathered a large number of professional young people, primarily graduate engineers of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, technology, agriculture, economics, occupational safety engineers, as well as engineers and professionals of other professions, many of whom are doctors of technical sciences. way with their experience and knowledge to help legal entities to implement the already mentioned standards in accordance with the best entrepreneurial practice..

Issuance of certificates

Zaštita “Beograd” is an accredited and authorized company for the implementation of all activities in which it deals. After each periodic or preventive inspection, monitoring, education or installation, we are obliged to provide you with a valid and reliable professional finding (report) for the correctness of which we are fully responsible.


This document is a confirmation that all legal and standard regulations have been complied with in your business facilities.


Therefore, it is a legitimate written evidence for all competent institutions that perform inspections. From the very founding of our company, until today, we operate completely transparently and according to regulated protocols. In cooperation with us, your business gets the same opportunities.

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