Occupational safety “Belgrade” was founded as a separate branch office on January 10, 1964 by the Occupational Safety and Health Institute Niš.

On April 2, 1965, this branch office became an independent institution, and today, after several successful changes in the legal form, it operates as a limited liability company, without interrupting its operations and its core business.

The main activity of Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection “Belgrade” Ltd. is in three areas:

Health and Safety at Work
Fire protection area
Environmental protection

Our activities include:
occupational occupational health;
drafting the risk assessment in the workplace and in the working environment;
inspection and verification of working equipment;
control of elevators, moving walkways and escalators;
inspection, testing and checking of electrical and lightning instalations;
testing and control of means and equipment of personal and collective protection, electrical insulation equipment and means;
testing of working environment conditions (microclimate, lighting, chemical, physical and biological harmfulness);
training employees for safe and healthy work and drafting standards;
inspection, measurement and testing in the environment;
elaboration of the impact assessment of the project on the environment;
development of plans and elaborates of fire protection;
elaboration of the hazard zones in places endangered by the formation of explosive mixtures;
preparation and revision of professional analysis for exercising the right to insurance with an increased duration;
assessment and development of technical documentation in accordance with legal regulations and authorizations.

At present, the activity is performed on the basis of the appropriate powers of line ministries, accreditations and licenses.